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NBS800 Power Outdoor Cabinet

Application:The NBS800 Power cabinet includes supply of Outdoor Cabinets for custom enclosure aimed for hosting telecom equipment,power, cooling and monitoring solutions as per your RFI and our Technical Description Enclosure 20 kW .


1, The cabinet is made of high strength galvanized   material.

2, The locking bolt from the inside. Fix the cabinet on ground internally, to prevent the cabinet to be moved. There is no exposed bolts to loosen the bolts only after the door to prevent theft of the cabinet is integrally

3, Hidden electronic locks are used, there is no key hole outside, Using a mobile phone or a card to unlock only.

4, Enhanced multipoint locking system can not be destroyed

5, Using the full long hinge, fully fill in the gap between cabinet and door, there is no chance for tools to access from side.

6, The roof cover to door on top, Prevent tool damage from above of door.

7,  Both sides of the door having a beveled edge, to preve nt tool damage!


Cabinet Characteristics


Envireonmental & Mechanical Specifications

     Proection ClassIP55
     Impact ProectionIK10
     Operation Temperature-45°C to +45°C (according to ETSI 300 019-1-4,Class 4.1E)
     Storage Temperature-25°C to +45°C (according to ETSI 300 019-1-1,Class 1.2)
     Transportation Temperature-40°C to +45°C (according to ETSI 300 019-1-2,Class 2.3)
     EarthquakeZone 4