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Server cabinet S-S02

Application: S-SC02 series of standardized server cabinets are suitable for advanced data storage, exchange, cooling, distribution, cable management and security in data center and network room, providing more economical and efficient operation environment to reduce operation costs, flexible collocation and installation of network.


1.The frame is made of nine or nine folds structure, and welded by special 3-Tees. The whole configuration is firmed and the static load is 1500Kgs. 

2.High density vented single front door and double section rear door make the vented area no less than 65% of the door area, the exquisite appearance. The front door can choose international fashion color of tempered glass. 

3.The side door can be installed and uninstalled quickly which make the working conveniently. 

4.The cabinet can be installed castors and adjustable feet ata one time which make the moving and fixing easy. 

5.The door hinge is interchangeable, top cable entry hole with rubber cover. 

6.The depth is adjustable(take 25MM as unit), the height of capacity is adjustable(take 1U as unit)

7.Optional accessories. 

8.We can manufacture the cabient according to the customer special requirements also. 


ANSI/EIA,RS-310-D . DIN41491:PART1 . DIN41494:PART7 . ETSI 

Dimensions: GB/T3047.2-92 . IEC297-2 . IEC297-1 

Enviroment: RoHS, 100% Recyclable Materials 

Surface: Wrinkled/Frosting/Smooth 

Material:SPCC cold rolled steel or EG steel 

Thickness:Mounting profile:2.0 mm,others: 1.2~1.5mm 

IP degree:IP – 20 

Highlight feature

1  High loading capacity 

2  Nine folded structure and welded frame,static loading capacity up to 1500kg. 

3  Excellent vented doors 

4  High density vented single front door and split rear door,vented area more than 78% of the door area. 

5  Asembled packing 

6  Fully welded and assembled. 




Doors have many different features that can be selected by customers and are suitable for different environments.


Flat perforated mesh door

Flat wave perforated mesh door Arc wave perforated mesh door Double open flat perforated mesh door

Exploded drawing


1  Frame

2  Mounting angle

3  Bottom cover

4  Top cover

5  19 inch bar

6  Front door

7  Back door

8  Side door

Coding Rules and Dimension