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Server cabinet S-S01

Application: S-SC01 series of standardized server cabinets are suitable for advanced data storage, exchange, cooling, distribution, cable management and security in data center and network room, providing more economical and efficient operation environment to reduce operation costs, flexible collocation and installation of network.

1.12GA Heavy duty type server cabinet
2.Exquisite design with precision dimensions and craftsmanship.
3.Arc vented front/rear doors enable ventilation and reliable operation.Swiveling wheels and legs can be jointly installed to with stand up to 1500kgs maximum static load.
4.Several lockable wiring holes on top/bottom,size of the large hole at the bottom adjustable.
5.Easy-to-disassemble front/rear/left/right doors enable convenient operation from any sides of the rack.
6.Operation installation of base enables the rack to stay in a fixed position with meeting requirements of underbase wiring ventilation.
7.Linkage rack,full series of operational.
8.Large draught area:over 4500 square cm draught area regarding 42U network cabinet.

Highlight feature:
1.Massive ventilation rate
2.Perforated doors for massive front-to-rear airflow up to 78%
3.Loading capacity
4.Static loading capacity up to 1500KG (without levelling feet and castors)
5.Various packaging
6.Can be shipped in bulid-up or flat-packed.Flat-pack option enables savings up to 60% in transport cost and warehouse space
7.Easy for maintenance
8.Horizontally divided side panels provide easy access and convenient post-installation maintenance.
9.Optimized for cable managing
10.Best design for cable management with Large cable access slots and cable management rails


Doors have many different features that can be selected by customers and are suitable for different environments.



Flat perforated mesh doorFlat wave perforated mesh door
Arc wave perforated mesh door
Double open flat perforated mesh door

Exploded drawing  



1  Frame
2  Mounting angle
3  19 inch bar
4  Vertical cable tray
5  top cover
6  Front door
7  Back door
8  Side door
9  Caster

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