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Containerized Data Center

Application:Traditional data centers suffer from long construction periods, high energy consumption and high initial investment. To help resolve these issues, Containerized data center solves this problem very well, which has a highly integrated power system, environmental monitoring, cooling systems, racks, cabling, fire control, security and other infrastructure facilities. This solution complies with the diverse business needs of customers today. Application Scenarios IT load 90kW Fast deployment, staged deployment scenario Data center Value & Features Easy Prefabricated and pre-tested, ensure deploy time is one week Modular structure realizes fast & on-demand deployment Intelligent management makes unattended operation Efficient High energy efficiency, PUE down to 1.2 High density and saving 80% footprint data center Reliable Component/device/system triple reliable design IP56 external protection level and 9 intensity anti-seismic level. Operate without interrupted from -40 C to +55 C 3

High integration, one week installation, easy to move and deploy

●   Integrated rack, monitoring, cabling, power supply & distribution, anti-fire, air-conditioning systems and other major subsystems, one-stop solution.

●  1 week fast installation, deploy after simply obtaining site, power and network.

●  Unique anti-vibration system, best mobility.

Super Adaptability, Applicable to Complex Scenarios

●  Operating Temperature:-40 degC to 55 degC, suitable for extra low / extra high temperature region.

●  IP55 dustproof and waterproof design, can be used in the dusty mining area; special. anti-corrosion treatment, able to deploy on sea shore. Life span is up to 15 years.

Saving OPEX, improving ROI

●  The construction period is extremely shortened.

●  Efficient UPS, aisle isolation, significantly reducing OPEX.

●  Saving more than 30% space.

Efficient, Automatic and Intelligent with Smart Management

●  Unified management platform, collect status of temperature, humidity, smoke, door magnetic etc.

●  Automatically handle emergencies, enhance the availability of data center, improve management efficiency.

 Rack system

● 19" standard system

● Glass front door, 200 wide cold passage

● Back door glass door, 150 wide heat channel

● Cabinet bearing capacity is 1500KG

● A variety of wiring accessories inside the cabinet for easy routing

● 24" standard system

● The cold and hot channel is closed to guarantee the cooling effect and reduce PUE


The power distribution system

●  High-performance UPS is optional

● Modular

● Rack type

● Support battery pack or battery cabinet

● Wiring module integrated UPS, input and output power distribution, air conditioning, lighting, monitoring power distribution

● Two - way ATS input is optional

●Support N,N+1,2N power supply system



Precision line air conditioner

1, providing air conditioning refrigeration capacity 10~45KW

2, accurate airflow organization, using EC fan to supply air, air volume automatically matches server load, energy saving effect is remarkable

3, air conditioning and cabinet side by side layout, close to heat source cooling, improve cabinet-level cooling density, reduce loss on the air supply path, high efficiency and energy saving

4. The cabinet is insulated from the hot and cold channels to avoid local hot spots in the short circuit of the hot and cold airflow. The power density of the cabinet is as high as 15KW/rack.

 The monitoring system

● Power supply circuit monitoring

● UPS monitoring, air conditioning monitoring

● Internal temperature and humidity monitoring

● Smoke sensor, optional fire opens cabinet door

● Large screen interface

● Integrated into BMS, third-party monitoring




Customized color and logo 

IP Level:  Single container IP55

Container life time: >20years


Automatic ventilation



Switch Power 

2 Units of switch power  for  DC power for CT equipments ,Each switch power’s ultimate capacitance is 48V/1000A and it could be installed with rectifier module which capacitance is 48V/100A according to operation needs.


The fire control system 

Offers fire detection and fire alarm function and fire extinguishing function so that keep the Data center’s safety

Envireonmental & Mechanical Specifications

PowerIncoming PowerTwo mains or one main power plus one generator
Power Density per rack5kw
UPS Capacity90kVA
UPS Redundancy2N or N+X
BAT backup time60mins
CoolingTechnology4units 40kw Precision line air conditioner for 3+1 backup
Total cooling capacity90kw
indoor unit capacity20kw/30kw
Fan typeEC Fans
CompressorScroll Compressor
HumidityBuild-in humidification function
Design operation parameterCold Aisle Temperature18-27℃
Humidity Range20% to 80% relative humidity
Environmental requirementOperation Temperature-33℃-45℃
Operation Humidity10% to 90% relative humidity
Fire ControlTypeAutomatic fire fire detection&suppression system c/w emergency release function
AlarmFully monitored automated detection, supporting audible and visual alarm
DetectionAddressable analogue system c/w double knock condition to initiate gas release
ExtinguishantHeptafluopropane or NOVEC1230
Fire Rating50mins
SecurityAccess ControlCard access system(RFID)
IP CameraAccessible via the integrated management system
ManagementManagement functionMonitors internal temperature, the humidity control system, the fire detection&supperssion system, the access control system, the air-conditioner system Support E-mail, SNMP&SMS monitoring
Interoperable with all backup power supply systems via programmable dry contacts(Generators)                                                                                                                                          
StructureMain FramePower container: 40" ISO shipping contianer
IT contianer: 40" ISO shipping contianer
CT contianer: 40" ISO shipping container
IT Rack12 IT racks(per IT contianer),540U
CT Rack8 IT racks(per IT contianer),360U
Rack Installation SpaceSupport 19" standard equipment installation
InsulationPolyurethane foam insulation(top-75mm, side-40mm)
CablingPower cables, optical fiber and data cables are separated, above the ceilling
Pipes designAC pipes are under the floor
Waterproof and dustproofIP55
Size IT container(L*W*H)12192*2438*2896(mm)
CT container(L*W*H)12192*2438*2897(mm)
Power container(L*W*H)12192*2438*2896(mm)