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Power Distribution Unit

Application:SX PDU Series are strictly designed according to international standard and have been awarded invention.Internationally leading technology, original and novel structure, safe and reliable quality, easy installation and wide use. All products have modularized structure that can be manufactured according to customer's technological requirements, and have passed the authoritative international organization’s safety testing and certification, accord with the regulations of European Union RoHS directive.


•   Mainly applicable to the 482.6mm (19″) standard and nonstandard cabinet.

•    Horizontal or vertical installation

•   Maximum length longer than 2M, and 42 way output units at most.

•   Input voltage is 110VAC, 220VAC and 380VAC, 

•   Output voltage is 110VAC and 220VAC

•   Maximum load current can reach 10-96A and above,

•   Maximum power 2,500W-24,000W and above.