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Fan Tray Unit

Application:With today’s high density heat loads inside server racks, cooling should be an integral part of the rack equipment. Fan Tray Unit series is designed as a cost effective but reliable airflow solution. A full range of form factor options are available for different data center needs.While the fan tray is rack-mounted at the top, the hot air can be exhausted efficiently from the rack. While the rackmount fan tray is installed at the bottom of the rack, a cool air intake can work. A rackmount fan tray in the middle of the rack provides an advanced cooling method.


Standard 19" rack mount

Compact and economical rack cooling solution.

Fan trays can be positioned at the bottom of a rack to force air through the cabinet, at the top to exhaust air out or below specific pieces of equipment for spot cooling

Choice of two operating voltages 115VAC (or 220VAC) - both 50/60 Hz., thermally protected, ball bearing fans

Circuit breaker protected

Low profile 1.75" (1U) of panel space

115VAC versions includes a 6' 14/3 STJW cord with molded 3 prong plug (NEMA 5-15P)

220VAC versions include an IEC input receptacle (IEC320-C14)

Integral finger guards above and below fans

Case width is 17"

2 and 6 fan units include an adjustable rear mounting bracket (mounts to rear panel rails) for extra stability

Shipped fully assembled

Available with or without on/off switch

Finished in textured black powder paint

Technical Parameters:

Model Type Volt Fre Current Consumption Speed Air-flow Air pressure Noise 
Sleeve Ball VAC Hz Amps Watts RPM CFM inch-H2O dBA 
11550/60 0.21/0.18 20/18 2550/2700 80/98 0.25/0.3 43/48 
 20/18 2600/2800 82/100 0.26/0.32 34/39 
220-240 0.12/0.11 20/19 2550/1700 80/98 0.25/0.3 43/48 
 20/19 2600/2750 82/100 0.26/0.32 34/39