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MFG15 Multi-functional Outdoor Cabinet

Application: The MFG15 Multi-functional cabinet is an outdoor cabinet system that provides maximum protection of customer’s telecom equipment against vandalism and extreme weather conditions. This cabinet is the ideal solution for installations over existing cross connect cabinets in parallel with the hosting of active and passive telecom equipment.


•  Dual wall aluminum

•  Robust design

•  Modular design

•  Easy installation process

•  Solid profile technology

•  Excellent  heat dissipation

•  19”technology with moving frames

•  Cooling capacity by using heat exchanger

•  Customer specific integrations

•  Left anf Right type  available,depending on the installation site 

•  1x ISAM7330, up to 384 VDSL

•  1 battery string (80Ah), 2h backup time 

Highlight feature    



69x 51 x 20inch (WxHxD) – cabinet

69x 10 x 20inch (WxHxD) ) – intermediate plinth

69x 22 x 20inch (WxHxD) – ground plinth 

The cabinet: Aluminum alloy, double wall , three front doors. 

The intermediate plinth: Aluminum alloy, singel wall 

The ground plinth: galvanized steel or stailnless steel 

19"" equipment mounting rail

11U wide for equipment, power unit, and ODF 

Grounding bars in the equipment and MDF compartments

Color RAL 7035 of enclosure

Closed type of the plinth, rectangular shape with 4 legs

Protection category: IP55 to EN 60 529/10.91

Protection against burglary up to RC 2 (resistance class), according to DIN EN V 1630: 1999-04


Passive – for up to 4 cards (inclusive)

HEX installed in the roof – from 5 cards




Exploded drawing


Envireonmental & Mechanical Specifications

     Proection ClassIP55
     Impact ProectionIK10
     Operation Temperature-45°C to +45°C (according to ETSI 300 019-14,Class 4.1E)
     Storage Temperature-25°C to +45°C (according to ETSI 300 019-1-1,Class 1.2)
     Transportation Temperature-40°C to +45°C (according to ETSI 300 019-1-2,Class 2.3)
     EarthquakeZone 4
   ConstructionAluminum alloy
   SurfacePoeder Coated,RAL 7035
     Reserved for PSU with DC Distribution1U 19"(extra 1U for DC terminals)
     Reserved for ODF1U
     Reserved for AC PDU3U
   Free User Space22U 19"
   Locking Mechaism3-Points system
   Cable Entry PointBottom
  Temperature Control
    Cooling systemPassive / Heat exchanger 60w/k
    Door Alarm ContactIncluded
   Smoke SensorIncluded
   Flood SensorIncluded