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Seismic-certified S-OR03

Application: IT Open Frame Server Network Relay Rack High density installations Cloud & virtualization providers


Two-post seismic and non-seismic relay rackAvailable in standard 23" or 19" mounting optionsUp to 2000lb zone 4 seismic ratingGreater than 2500lb static load capacityBolt together design opitons facilitates flat packing of racksAvailable in multiple heightsWide variety of termination panels, battery accessories and distribution option are available


ANSI/EIA,RS-310-D . DIN41491:PART1 . DIN41494:PART7 . ETSI 

Dimensions: GB/T3047.2-92 . IEC297-2 . IEC297-1 

Enviroment: RoHS, 100% Recyclable Materials 

Surface: Wrinkled/Frosting/Smooth 

Material:SPCC cold rolled steel or EG steel 

Highlight feature

• 19" rack provides 17.75 inches of rail-to-rail clearance

 • 23" rack provides 21.75 inches of rail-to-rail clearance

• Equipment management solution

 • Certified Zone 4 seismic to support a 2000-lb equipment load

 • Conforms to GR-63 Core Earthquake Resistance Criteria

 • C-Channel profile

 • Engineered to use standard network bay 




 • Two-post for reduced footprint 

• Complete selection of rack accessories available to fit any application

 • Equivalent to dimensions required for telephone industry-standard racks

 • Pre-drilled and tapped to hold equipment and available accessories