Outdoor Cabinet & Sever Rack - Spring system
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Open Rack S-OR01

Application: IT Open Frame Server Network Relay Rack High density installations Cloud & virtualization providers


1  Modular design.easily assemble and disassemble for delivery,low-cost.

2  Various optional accessories according to requirements(cable management slot,cable management,removable working panel,etc.).

3  19” frame 2 pcs,2mm welded fold steel sheet,two sides figure punching.

4  Can be bolted directly to floor.

5  Maximum access for cable management and equipment maintenance.

6  Flexible packing methods allows for convenient stocking and end user delivery

7  Loading capacity: Static loading:200KG, from 15U to 47U capacity.


ANSI/EIA,RS-310-D . DIN41491:PART1 . DIN41494:PART7 . ETSI 

Dimensions: GB/T3047.2-92 . IEC297-2 . IEC297-1 

Enviroment: RoHS, 100% Recyclable Materials 

Surface: Wrinkled/Frosting/Smooth 

Material:SPCC cold rolled steel or EG steel 

Highlight feature

1  High loading capacity

2  Nine folded structure and welded frame,static loading capacity up to 1500kg.

3  Excellent vented doors

4  High density vented single front door and split rear door,vented area more than 78% of the door area.

5  Asembled packing

5  Fully welded and assembled. 

Exploded drawing